Sunday, December 7, 2014

LonDyN TuRnS OnE

It's been a while since I have updated our blogs so I have decided they both REALLY need some updating! Let's start with the biggest event that has happened since we last were on blogger. Our little Londyn has turned one. On July 2,2014 we celebrated the first year of our happily ever after with our little miracle. I really didn't have a theme since she was only one we went off of colors I really liked gold,mint & light pink. We did a candy bar , fruit bar & Pink Lemonade. We planned to have her party outside but it was so hot we had it inside & blew up the bouncy house in the basement along with some fun ponies in the back yard. I was so disappointed though because we only got a couple pics due to my phone being dead & Greg being so busy running around he kept forgetting to get pics on his phone. We did manage to get a couple though from my niece's camera thank goodness. Londyn's professional photos by Little Mae Photography turned out so cute. We had fun setting up different themed booths. One was Londyns cake smashing booth , another was a tipi themed booth & the third was her candy booth. I got all of Londyns decorations for the party & photo shoot off etsy. The same girl that did her Londyn banner for our gender reveal photos (that is now hanging in Londyns room) did Londyns name banner for her party as well , her cute shop is called the cupcake chic on etsy!

 Londyn had so much fun at her party after she got over crying that she got woken up from her nap ha ha.She truly has been such a great baby & she truly is the happiest little girl. In August we found out she had to have tubes  put in her ears & it changed so much ,before the tubes she would not respond to us when we would call her name from behind her so we found out that she couldn't hear at all out of her right ear we had no idea at all because at every apt her doc kept telling us her ears looked great so finally after doing a bunch of tests she got the tubes in . We don't know how long she'll have to have them in for but we do know they've made such a big difference & we are thankful she can hear & respond.She still is a little mamas girl, she sleeps very  well , she says dont, mama & oh, she is running everywhere. She has always been the type that wants to get from point A to Point C with out stopping at B . She wanted to walk before she could crawl & she wanted to run before she could walk. She for sure is like me & not patient at all, Londyn loves singing songs, reading & she lover her Tinkerbell. She also loves coming with mommy to do crafts at my friends house & play with her little girls. 

We are just so very blessed to have such a beautiful , healthy,happy little girl. She brings us so much joy & happiness. I love being her mother ,it's changed me a lot & at times it has been  very difficult especially when I want to protect her from any harm & anything bad in this world. So I have not been the perfect mother, I am learning each day how to deal with each new challenge that comes our way but also enjoying every minute of each day with her. She's growing so fast & I wish I could just stop time but than again it's so fun seeing her cute little personality grow & develop each new day. She has always been the sweetest & happiest baby who just loves to smile & giggle I didn't even know when she was teething because she hardly fussed or cried. I know I rample on & on about how great of a baby she is but it's the truth & yes she still does cry & throws fits but I am thankful for every moment both bad & good. There was a time when I thought I would never have any of this or thought that I deserved my baby girl so I cherish every cry,every laugh, & every little moment we share together. I still lay awake watching her sleep & find myself crying over how pure & perfect she is. I don't think I will ever stop doing that. I love her so much. Happy one year my sweet Londyn Ann

dresses ,wristlet & bows by, romper by ava rochelle designs, crowns by Love Crush Bowique

Monday, June 16, 2014


Today I would Like to introduce everybody to one of my favorite shops! It is called Isabella Couture! The owner is absolutely beautiful, I have gotten to know her & become such great friends. I am so happy Londyn get the honor to model for them . We love all their stuff & their product never fails to amaze me. If your looking for pretty princess dresses to more everyday dresses visit this great shop, you
ll regret it if you don't!!! Londyn Has this Floral flower dress in mint,pink & Blue & they were actually made by the owber along with the romper with the ribbon on the back & the leggings. We love Isabella couture & Londyn Loves being an Isabella Couture model!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


 Some of the things londyn is wearing in some of these pics are Cozette Coutre, Janie & Jack ,Love Crush Bowtique and Peony and plum